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Hi, my name is [info]fuesch and here you can see live previews of my layouts. And now you know what a user img looks like. That's what a community image looks like: [info]lj_spotlight.

And now the links that get you to the layout's post with the CSS and instructions:


Ashes to Ashes:

Cabin Pressure:

Doctor Who:

Harry Potter:

Life on Mars:



Panic! at the Disco:



The X-Files:

Wir sind Helden:

This preview isn't perfect: There are things that don't work in Internet Explorer. For example IE doesn't show any background picture at all, when an element has 2. But don't worry, when you put the layout on an LJ, Internet Explorer will display these things correctly.

A lot of the links here are fake, but some links lead to other pages: friends page, an entry with comments, post a comment page, the calendar, view subjects and the tags.

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In HTML and XHTML, the blockquote element defines a block quotation within the text. The syntax is <blockquote>blockquoted text goes here</blockquote>.

The blockquote element is used to indicate the quotation of a large section of text from another source. Using the default HTML styling of most web browsers, it will indent the right and left margins both on the display and in printed form.

It should be noted that in many Wiki markup languages, this is different from the use of an initial colon in a paragraph, which may be translated into an HTML dd element enclosed within a dl element. (That is a 'data definition' within a 'definition list', without there being any preceding 'data term' or dt element). Other CSS techniques may alternatively be applied. In any case, the intention is usually only to indent the left margin.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockquote
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[custom friends groups post]  
This is what bold text looks like. This is italic. Bold italic, italic bold. Should only be interesting if they get a color different from the rest of the text.
And this is a q tag. D'oh, I like to make that italic, but that means if there are italics in there, you can't see them. Unless I make their font-style normal.
Is there a quote tag? I think there is a quote tag.

LJ changed some things, so now the following things (linking CSS classes in entries) only work for paid/permanent accounts:

You know what would be awesome? Spoiler tags! We don't get spoiler tags from LJ. That means we have to make them ourselves and that means we should not forget that making a spoiler tag only in the CSS for the layout is a stupid idea. Because it's only on your layout, so other people will see the spoiler if they don't view your LJ in your layout. In the CSS for the layout you can only do a bit of decoration, the important stuff (making the the text and its background the same color) you have to put in the entry. Like so:
<span class="spoiler" style="background: #ff0000; color: #ff0000;">IT WAS HIS SLED!</span>

Looks like that: IT WAS HIS SLED!

Now if I have put spoiler properties in the CSS, the following line will not be visible:

You shouldn't be able to see this text without highlighting it.

To make your spoilered text look like that you need to use the following code (you don't even need to change the colors, because the CSS overrides them).
<span class="spoiler" style="background: #ff0000; color: #ff0000;">Write your spoiler here.</span>

LJ finally gave us spoiler tags \o/! <lj-spoiler text="BLAH BLAH">YOUR SPOILER HERE</lj-spoiler>

And maybe I've put something in the CSS for pictures. If I have, the following two pics and their captions should look different.

This is just a picture with text under it.

This is the pic with the code.

And this is the code: <div class="caption" style="width: 200px"><img src="URL of your picture">Put your caption here.</div> You'll probably need to adjust the width. Put in the width of your picture or it'll look weird.
If there's a caption code, there is also a captionless code:

And this is the code: <div class="captionless" style="width: 200px"><img src="URL of your picture"></div>

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